Listen to my 2014 song and if you like it you can download it for free from Soundcloud :)

in my hands fire grows cold
let it freeze
i’ll find my flame

i’ve been feeding the dead my own soul
and now i’m running away
years and years and nights and years
i’m a hollow ball of skin
i seek to fill myself with you
would you strike me now, thunder?

in your hands ice may burn
set them free
devour me, thunder

ride me through heavens
drown with me in hell


This is the first song I composed this year. Listen, and if you like it you can download it for free, from Soundcloud.


if you’re young again
would you be able to
avoid all those things
you now regret?

if you fall again
who would you blame?

i hear your tears hit the floor
i see that spot on the wall
you’re staring at
and i know me

run again, baby
you know what it takes to depart
run, baby, now
i’m on your side
enough the cryin’
there, in the moonless night sky
rooftops, landmarks you’re gonna set in fire
burn your wings and soar

what is too good to sacrifice
is something that you must let fly

you hear my bones
break and hit the ground
you see my eyes
screaming at the world


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